Touchdown Club

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The “James Wood Touchdown Club” is both a non-profitable and charitable organization. The organization adheres to all rules and regulations prescribed by the club and James Wood High School. The purpose of this organization is to provide support, build cohesion and generate a positive surrounding for James Wood football. In general, the club will provide financial support as needed and unite the players, coaches, parents and community through activities, fund raisers and communications.

The James Wood Touchdown Club is designed to be a supportive group that will aid and assist the football program. The Touchdown Club will in no way counter the efforts of the JWAA and the quality support that they bring to James Wood High School. The Touchdown Club will not interfere in any established fund raisers associated with the JWAA. Furthermore, all parents of the Touchdown Club are encouraged to join the JWAA to help make the entire athletic community more unified.

Elected Board:
President - Amy Gwinner
Vice President - Matt LaFollette
Secretary - Courtney Cobb
Treasurer - Melissa LaFollette