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Athlete spotlight: James Wood football player Seth DeHaven

5f1dc11d800cc.imageJames Wood High School 17-year-old senior
Sport: Football. Positions: Offensive and defensive tackle
Parents: Stefanie Colson and Justin DeHaven
Hometown: Winchester
What do you love about football: I love the brotherhood and the feeling of accomplishing a goal of the team.
Most memorable moment in football: It’s probably my sophomore year when we beat Handley in the rain, the mud and the cold. On offense [it was a struggle]. I couldn't really get my steps right, so Chance Grove went in for me. On defense, I disrupted everything. I was playing noseguard at the time.
Most embarrassing moment in football: My freshman year, I was fresh out of Frederick County Middle School and we did the breakdown and I did the Frederick County breakdown, instead of the James Wood one. My teammates just laughed and coach was like, 'Do it right next time or you won't do it again.'
Most difficult moment in football: For me, it would be the memory. As linemen, we have got to remember so many steps and we have to remember all of the angles to take those steps. It's just the memory aspect of it for me. I've got to practice it a lot to pound it into my brain.
Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: My great grandfather [Charles DeHaven] because I never got to meet him; [Chiefs tight end] Travis Kelce, he just seems like a fun guy to hang around with and talk to about football; Waylon Jennings, the country singer, he just seems like he'd be a good storyteller and he'd have a lot of things to say to me.
Biggest athletic influence: It would probably be my line coach, Coach [Todd] Wilson. He really opened my eyes as to how good I could be. Just the way he coaches, it makes sense to me. I just click with him and he has been a really big influence.
Who’s your favorite teacher: Mr. [William] Jeffcoat, a history teacher at James Wood. As soon as I got in that class this past year, he took a liking to me. He is just fun to talk to and a good teacher, also.
Favorite athlete: [NFL Hall of Famer] Larry Allen
Favorite sports team: Kansas City Chiefs
Favorite movie: “No Country For Old Men”
Favorite TV show: "American Horror Story"
Favorite song: “Mama Tried” by Merle Haggard
Favorite food: New York strip steak
Worst thing you’ve eaten: Sauerkraut
Plans after high school: I plan to go to a technical school and train to become a diesel mechanic. In fifth grade, I read a hot rod magazine with cars, engines and stuff in it. It fascinated me and I thought it would be a good career choice. Everybody has got a vehicle, so you never run out of work.
— Compiled by Walt Moody